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Buyer Terms & Conditions
1. General

1.1. is an e-commerce website and mobile device application where you can browse, select and order products advertised on the Site ("Products”) from BottleSales.Com.Au Pty Ltd (ACN 618794102) ("BottleSales”, "us” or "we”).
1.2. Please read these terms and conditions before using the Site.

1.3. Your access to and use of the Site and mobile applications, including your order of Products through the Site, is subject to these terms and conditions.


2. Your agreement to the terms and conditions

2.1. By accessing and using the Site, including completing your registration, or placing orders for Products through the Site, you agree that you will be subject to and bound by, and will comply with, these terms and conditions (including our privacy policy). [privacy policy is a separate document and not part of these terms]


3. Registration

3.1. Any personal information that you give us will be held and may be used or disclosed by us in accordance with our privacy policy.

3.2. You may not have more than one active account at any one time, and your account is non-transferable. You may update, edit or terminate your account at any time through the Site. There cannot be more than two accounts per billing address.

3.3. If you choose to use a workplace email address for your account or to access the Site, then you are solely responsible for ensuring that you comply with the rules, policies or protocols that apply to the use of your email address and your workplace facilities. Please note that we will use the email address provided by you to notify you of relevant information from time to time.


4. Placing an Order for Products

4.1. You may order Products by selecting and submitting your order through the Site in accordance with these terms and conditions ("Order”).

4.2. Any Order placed through this Site for a Product is an offer by you to purchase the particular Product for the price notified (including any charges and taxes) at the time you place the Order.

4.3. We may ask you to provide additional details or require you to confirm your details to enable us to process any Orders placed through the Site.

4.4. You agree that all information provided by you to us, including but not limited to when you place an Order, is current, complete and accurate details.


5. Acceptance or rejection of an Order

5.1. We reserve the right to accept or reject your Order for any reason, including a cancellation in accordance our terms and conditions.

5.2. Each Order placed for Products through the Site that we accept results in a separate binding agreement between you and us for the supply of those Products. The agreement for each Order accepted by us will only be created when accepted at one of our licensed premises (see clause 6.1) and will be in accordance with these terms and conditions and any additional offer terms or promotions notified to you, or that you are aware of, at or before entry into the agreement.


6. Restricted Products

6.1. All Orders that we accept for liquor products are only accepted, processed and distributed by us from, and are transmitted from, one of our licensed premises. The Orders and any acceptance or agreement are subject to our obligations under the various Liquor Licensing Acts in the jurisdictions in which we operate and our obligations to comply with responsible service of alcohol obligations.

6.2. You:

a.       acknowledge that it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol or tobacco products to, or obtain alcohol or tobacco products on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years; and

b.   warrant that you are over 18 years of age and are not obtaining alcohol (including liquor Products) or tobacco (including tobacco Products) on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years 


7. Minimum and maximum amounts in each Order

7.1. Unless otherwise indicated on the Site and otherwise subject to our obligations under all relevant laws:

For Pick Up orders you may Order up to 20 cases of beer, 36 bottles of wine and 24 spirit items of a particular variety in a single transaction (there may be lower limits for promotional Products. We will inform you of these limits on the Site when you place the Order or within a reasonable time after you submit your Order); and

(b) there is no minimum purchase amount for Pick Up orders.

(c) For delivery orders, you may order up to 10 cases of beer, 36 bottles of wine and 24 spirit items of a particular variety in a single transaction (there may be lower limits for promotional Products. We will inform you of these limits on the Site when you place the Order or within a reasonable time after you submit your Order); and

(d) there is a $20 minimum purchase amount for delivery orders.

7.2. You are not permitted to purchase any items for resale to a third party or for trade purposes. If we have a concern with the quantity of item/s you have ordered, then we may contact you when you place the Order or within a reasonable time after you submit your Order and/or we may reduce the size of the Order.

7.3. If you wish to place an Order that differs from our ordering requirements, then you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre during Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday, 9am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm AWST. If we agree to an Order that differs from our usual requirements, then you agree that the collection time may be longer than our usual collection times for standard orders. In this regard, we recommend that you allow at least 3 days between ordering and collection, or such other time that we notify you of at the time we accept your Order.

7.4. If we reasonably believe you are placing multiple Orders, whether under the same or different registration details, for the purposes of circumventing the Order limits, all such Orders may be cancelled by us without notice to you.


8. Delivery of Products

8.1. Product delivery is limited to certain geographic areas.

8.2. For further details regarding our delivery service, including time-frames and areas, please see BottleSales Faq’s

8.3. You agree to comply with the delivery requirements specified below and such other delivery requirements as made known by us to you when you place your Order or within a reasonable period after you submit your Order.

8.4. Products will only be provided to a person physically present at the nominated delivery address who is over the age of 18 and can provide valid photo ID.

8.5 If the person identified on the Order as the recipient is not available at the premises or they appear to be intoxicated or are abusive, we will endeavour to contact you or you may contact us, to arrange a new delivery date and time. We may charge you an additional delivery fee for this.

8.6. We will not deliver Product to a person who is intoxicated, abusive or below the age of 18 years.

8.7. You acknowledge that we may collect and record the details of any identification provided in relation to delivery of Products. Bottlesales’s privacy policy is available on our website.


9.Pick Up Orders

9.1. Pick Up is available from the locations shown within Faqs. During the ordering process, you need to select a store from which you will collect the ordered Products.An estimated collection time and date will be displayed when you place your Order.

9.2. You agree to comply with collection requirements specified in this clause and such other requirements as notified by us when you place your Pick Up Order or within a reasonable period after you submit your Order:

a.             you must collect your ordered Products from the store selected by you when you placed your Order;

b.             photographic identification and a signature must be provided when you collect your Order; and

c.             your photographic identification may be recorded at the time of collection of your Order.

The personal information collected will be held and may be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

9.3. If you will not be the person collecting your Order then your representative must provide us with proof of their identity (including photographic identification) and, where relevant, age.

9.4. If you or your representative do not supply the appropriate identification, we will not allow collection of the products you have ordered.

9.5. You agree to ensure that the person collecting, liquor or other relevant Restricted Products is over the age of 18 years or such other minimum age as prescribed by law. We will not allow collection of alcohol or liquor Products to a person who is intoxicated, abusive or not of the appropriate legal age.

10. BottleSales Returns Policy


As a technology platform that connects Users with Third Party Vendors BottleSales does not handle the return or refund of any items. Returns are processed by the Vendor with whom the order was placed and are subject to their individual returns policy. Please contact the store directly; simply visit their store profile on the BottleSales platform to submit a message directly to the Vendor.


If the wrong product has been delivered, commonly, stores will accept a return within reasonable time frames, assuming the product is returned in its original condition, and this is in line with their individual returns policy.


11.Bulk Orders

11.1. If we classify an Order as a "Bulk Order”, your Order may attract a handling charge. This will depend on the size of your Order. Examples of orders that we classify as "Bulk Orders” are as follows:

a.             Orders of Products over normal retail quantities;

b.             Orders that total over 250kg will be subject to a bulk fee, as they require special handling; and

c.             Multiple orders placed during any 7 day period, the combined volume of which meets or exceeds the Bulk Order criteria.

11.2. If your Order is a Bulk Order, we will contact you as soon as possible after the placement of your Order to advise you of the exact handling charge payable in respect of your Order.

11.3. If you are unsure whether your Order is a Bulk Order and would like to find out whether a handling charge is and if so, how much this would be before you place your Order, please contact our Customer Service Centre on [x] or email [email protected]

11.4. We value your Orders. To enable us to serve you better, we request that you contact our Customer Service Centre seven (7) days prior to the placement of any Bulk Orders to allow us time to ensure that the appropriate stock is ordered and available to meet your requirements.

11.5 We reserve the right to cancel your Order if you please multiple Orders such as to constitute a Bulk Order and you have not made prior arrangements with us.

DISCLAIMER: Bottlesales is an online marketplace that connects consumers (Users of the BottleSales mobile applications or websites) directly with independent third party liquor stores, breweries and wineries (Vendors) for the purposes of ordering products provided by the Vendors. 

BottleSales does not provide or sell any physical goods on the Bottlesales platform. Bottlesales holds no liability for the condition the products are provided in by Vendors. BottleSales does not provide alcohol for sale and all orders placed through the BottleSales platform constitute an independent, individual agreement between the consumer and the third party vendor.