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We're not delivering to your area on weekends (yet!) but FREE click and collect is still available from all our local, independent liquor stores.

About Us

BottleSales is leading industry changes to the way consumers buy alcohol.


Founded in late 2017 BottleSales exists to disrupt the market and give independent, locally owned liquor stores a strategic online presence, just like the big guys.


We are a team of enthusiastic Perth locals working tirelessly, around the clock to make alcohol delivery safe, compliant and convenient.


Our values reflect those of the consumer. We want to offer you choice, variety and competitive pricing.


We don’t take a cut of the sale so you know the price you see on the site is the price you’d pay in the store.


The only WA born platform to support local liquor stores, BottleSales is bringing the "Liquor store to your door”.


Running late with no time to pick up drinks?

Our motto of "Just BottleSales it” enables your drinks to be delivered direct to your destination.
"Alcohol. On-demand. Delivered Fast.”


 Out of wine or that special drink, settled in at home, girl’s night, at a party and don’t want to break drink driving laws?

"Just BottleSales It” and we will deliver your drinks right to your door.


 Looking for the perfect surprise for relatives, friends or business associates?

"Just BottleSales It” and get their favourite drink delivered just in time for the brownie points to cash in.


Hosting the party or special event and running low on drinks?

"Just Bottle Sales It” and let the good times flow!


Corporate event or just Friday office drinks?

Don’t waste valuable time sending staff to get the drinks! "Just BottleSales It”!


With BottleSales, you can order drinks from the app or website and have them delivered straight to your door or office.


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